Private lessons

Private lessons allow players to receive completely individualized attention and a prioritized practice plan. The pace and methods are customized to each player’s unique skill set and the ability of each player to adapt to the changes. Because these lessons are designed around one player, we can modify the lesson plan or incorporate new techniques as needed for the player to advance.


Best for beginner or younger pitchers who want to learn basic pitching mechanics. These pitchers may have or be learning a fastball, changeup, or other pitch.


Best for intermediate pitchers who have fairly established fastball mechanics and 2-3 pitches (fastball plus 1-2 pitches).


Best for mature pitchers with solid mechanics who have 4+ pitches (fastball plus 3 or more pitches).

What your lesson covers

Basic pitching fundamentals, including grip, presentation, and components of the motion—a solid front stride, open hips, strong leg drive, and follow-through. These lessons focus on developing proper mechanics, gaining accuracy, and building confidence.
Teaching or modifying pitches to get better results; increasing speed, command, and stamina; learning game strategy; and developing mound presence.
Identifying and incorporating subtle changes that can deliver new results, better command, faster speeds, or increased endurance. These sessions are best for pitchers who are building speed, movement, and endurance; resolving problems with certain pitches; honing situational strategy; and reviewing pitching repertoires.

What to expect

At your first lesson

During a player’s initial consultation, we:

At your subsequent lessons

At all subsequent lessons, we:

Video Analysis

Video analysis helps players and parents understand the parts of a motion that should be improved and how to improve them. It provides visual post-performance feedback, allowing players to see both the mistakes and strengths in their motions.
We incorporate video analysis into our private lessons when needed to help players work through certain mechanics that can be difficult to feel. By reviewing the video frames together, we make sure that players and parents understand the mechanic that we are trying to improve and know how to make the necessary adjustments.
Want to schedule an introductory lesson with a HIGH HEAT instructor?

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