About Us

The Owner

Morgan Dennis started playing softball in the early 1990s. During junior high and high school, she pitched for junior Olympic teams in Massachusetts and competed in national tournaments along the East Coast. In high school, she played at the varsity level for 4 years and served as co-captain her senior year. She was recruited by and played for Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, before suffering a career-ending shoulder injury.
In July 1999, Morgan underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery to repair problems with her rotator cuff, shoulder joint, and connective tissue. During the rehabilitation, she worked with sports medicine doctors and physical therapists to reconstruct her pitching motion. This process helped her learn the biology of the shoulder and the physics of the motion, and she incorporates this knowledge into personalized coaching methodologies and workout routines, based on a player’s unique combination of ability, experience, goals, and physicality.
Morgan began coaching in Massachusetts in 2001 and has coached in West Virginia, Indiana, California, Virginia, and North Carolina. She emphasizes proper pitching mechanics, which support the development of speed, power, endurance, and movement while minimizing potential for injury. She also conditions the mental component of the game, helping pitchers learn confidence, assertiveness, and strategy in the circle. With the physical and mental aspects working together, pitchers can achieve steady improvement and become smart, healthy, and dominant.

The Space

Lessons are by appointment only and conducted in a 9,000-square-foot indoor training facility. The space has two retractable 15’ x 60’ batting tunnels, softball pitching rubber, and a 60’ x 60’ open workout area.


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