• My daughter has had four pitching coaches over the years, and Morgan is by far the best! We finally found a true professional who is a fantastic instructor with a very nice personality. Morgan is always on time, very patient and kind, uplifting, an extremely knowledgeable pitching coach, and my daughter loved her lessons. My daughter and I really enjoy her lessons, and we look forward to them every week. Morgan did a fantastic job with my daughter, and within two to three weeks got rid of her shoulder pain and in four weeks increased my daughter’s fast ball by 5 mph. She is a pitching coach that is current with information and techniques. She really knows what she is doing and makes me feel confident as a parent that she can help my daughter get better. My daughter had a lot of problems with a sore arm, and Morgan found the problem immediately and made the necessary changes in her follow through to fix her and make her pain-free. My daughter was struggling with pitching to a point that she almost quit the position, and Morgan never wavered with her patience and supported her through her struggles. Morgan made her believe in herself. She now has command of her fastball and her drop is getting the groundballs. Morgan changed her change-up, which really helps her fool batters. She taught her a drop ball that really breaks with incredible spin. I have been coaching competitive sports for 14 years, and Morgan is the best instructor I have ever worked with. I believe with Morgan’s help your daughter will become a much better pitcher. I just wish that I found her years ago!
    Rick Piazza
  • It gives me great pleasure to recommend Coach Morgan as a pitching coach. She is a long time veteran of FASTPITCH softball. My daughter at the young age of 7 began seeing her one time per week for two years. The pitching fundamentals, chemistry and confidence she gave my daughter during this time period was priceless. My daughter had tried several different pitching coaches prior to finding Coach Morgan but was not able to relate to them. Coach Morgan has a very sweet way of becoming connected with all her students while getting the lesson done. This made my daughter’s learning curve much easier and quicker. I believe proper pitching mechanics is the foundation of an excellent long-term pitching career, and Coach Morgan excels in this area. Coach Morgan was always on time or early to every lesson we had. She never cancelled a single lesson, which shows integrity and responsibility toward all her students. My daughter and our family will miss Coach Morgan. I believe Morgan is the reason my daughter loves to pitch so much. Her new pitching students in North Carolina will be treated to one outstanding pitching coach.
    Scott N
  • A little bit about Morgan. Our daughter, Kaylee, began expressing interest in pitching for her recreational team almost one year ago when she was 7. Now she is 8 and a half and has a 40 mph fast ball, a reliable change up, and a reliable drop ball. From the beginning, my husband, Scott, and I felt it was important to ensure that she learn the “proper” way to pitch. While Scott had been an experienced baseball pitcher, fastpitch is very different, and a very complex motion. Neither of us felt we could adequately teach Kaylee the skills, or keep her safe from injury. Scott did some research and we tried out 3 local coaches over a couple of weeks. After only 30 minutes with each, we immediately chose Morgan. The qualities that we saw with Morgan that drew us to her so early: She worked 1-on-1, talking with Kaylee first; she has a calm, confident demeanor and is patient, patient, patient; she talks with Kaylee, not to Kaylee; she demonstrates the correct motion, says why it’s important and what you’re trying to accomplish with the motion, and then watches closely; she breaks the pitch down into its component pieces and coaches to each piece; she talked right away about safety and injury prevention; Morgan worked with US so that we could begin to learn how to reinforce her coaching. Over the last 10 months or so, there are even more positive things to say about Morgan: Kaylee looks up to Morgan, and enjoys their time together. A good role model is hard to find! Whenever we have had questions, ideas, thoughts, Morgan always welcomes them and is open to incorporating sensible things into her workouts with Kaylee. Morgan is consistent: she’s on time, she communicates, and she sets a development plan. Morgan tries different ways to get to the best mechanics for Kaylee – there isn’t “the best way” to pitch, there are the physiological principles that guide the motion and staying within them while customizing to the pitcher is great. In the last year, Scott and I have learned more than we thought possible about pitching. In our short experience, building a great pitcher takes a LOT of work, beginning with the proper mechanics. There is NO replacement for this. Next come the hours and hours spent throwing pitch after pitch and building the muscle memory. The first year comes with a lot of, honestly, frustration—for us, chasing wild balls and for her, learning something very difficult. Morgan’s approach with Kaylee only builds confidence and helps her keep going through the tough times. With the incredible amount of persistence it takes to build consistent and exceptional pitching ability, it’s important to find the best coach who can work with your daughter and with you. The combination of the right coach and a lot of work between coaching sessions with Mom and/or Dad has been a successful recipe, bringing our daughter from complete novice to a poised and accomplished pitcher with a very bright future ahead! Thank you Morgan, Kaylee wouldn’t be where she is without your dedication, patience, sharp eye, and great coaching!
    Sondra N
  • Good pitching coaches are hard to come by. After several months of searching for a pitching coach, we found Morgan. Morgan was a blessing to find, like a diamond in the rough. Morgan took Vanessa from a B-ball pitcher to an A-ball pitcher. Not only did she improve her accuracy and speed, but she also improved her confidence. Even though Morgan had many students, she customized a routine to fit each pitcher’s style, and she made everyone feel as though they were her only student. There wasn't any cookie cutter routine! In my quest to find a pitching coach, I found that there are a lot of fakes. This isn't the case with Morgan! Morgan, thank you for making my daughter a World Series Champion Pitcher! You're the best!
    Veronica Ramos
  • I have coached the Lake Country Crushers 18U softball team for 10 years. We have had a lot of success with the wonderful young ladies in our program. Two years ago, I was very fortunate to meet Morgan, who was willing to help my girls with their pitching. She works so well with the girls and explains things so they really understand. Morgan has taken my last two pitchers to another level. This year, Nelda Bagley is a freshman pitcher for Randolph Macon due to a lot of help from Morgan. Odicci Alexander, my other pitcher, is a junior at Park View High School and is being recruited by many Division I colleges. Morgan started working with her as a ninth grader. With Morgan's help, Oddicci has developed more pitches and speed and was clocked this past week at the James Madison University softball camp at 68 miles per hour. Seeing firsthand what Morgan has done for my girls, I would strongly recommend her if you want to improve your pitching and gamesmanship. I promise she can take you to the next level!
    David Brankley
  • Morgan has been a wonderful pitching instructor for our daughter. Maddie has excelled at her pitching skills since she has been with Morgan (just over 2 years). Morgan teaches her students mechanics, speed, pitches, and stamina, and she gives instruction to help keep their pitching arms and shoulders from injury. During those two years, our daughter has grown as a pitcher so much that she pitched at a World Series tournament at the age of 12 and won an MVP Pitcher Award in the series. Thanks to Coach Morgan’s patience, dedication, guidance, and support, Maddie would not be the pitcher she is today. Our loss is definitely North Carolina’s gain because Morgan is absolutely the best there is.
    Debbie Gallagher
  • Morgan is a knowledgeable instructor who puts every ounce of effort and care into her students. I worked with Morgan my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I pitched for a number of travel teams and was the starting pitcher for my Varsity squad at the age of 15. I attribute so much of my success to Morgan. Not only is she a great support system, but also a master of the game. She strategically, through personal experience and research, broke down the pitching motion and rebuilt it in a new way. She saw the importance of not only the pitching skills that I had but also the physical training that is needed in order to be a truly successful pitcher. I would highly recommend Morgan as a pitching instructor. She truly cares deeply for her students and will help develop each student into a success. Some of my greatest accomplishments with the help of Morgan include Athlete of the Week, Worcester Telegram and Gazette All-Star Team member, Gatorade Player of the Year nominee, and recruitment to a top 10 Division Three college in New England.
    Jillian Daigneault
  • Morgan is the best pitching coach I have ever had. Before I met Morgan, I did not have any speed but I had some accuracy. When I had my first lesson with Morgan, I was very nervous and afraid that she would change my whole pitching technique. Previous pitching coaches wanted to change everything about the way I pitch. I was very surprised she did not. My first lesson went great. Morgan works with me to see what is the most comfortable. After about one month, I got five miles faster, my accuracy got better, and I had good movement on the ball. I was hitting locations and learning new pitches. I have been with Morgan for a year and a half now, and I have been improving since day one. When she taught me the mechanics of pitching, she explained them very well. She was the first coach that had ever taught me mechanics. Other coaches just focused on speed and accuracy. She focuses on things that help gain speed, accuracy, and endurance. Morgan taught me four pitches, the curve ball, drop ball, rise ball, and currently the screw ball. It is amazing the way she teaches you to throw these pitches and that they actually have great movement. She is very observant when it comes to seeing what you are doing right or wrong. She notices things that are either affecting or improving my pitch. By far Morgan is the best pitching coach for your daughter because she tries her hardest to help you improve in all parts of pitching. She has made an impact on my life and my team. She is currently coaching two of my teammates, and they are both improving greatly.
    Vanessa Ramos
  • Morgan has been a great coach for my daughter, and I can't say enough about how much my daughter's pitching has improved under Morgan's guidance. When we began lessons, Morgan identified the key changes to get to sound mechanics and provided instruction and drills to enable my daughter to improve. At the same time, Morgan isn't "cookie-cutter" and has taken into account my daughter's specific skills and worked to improve them as well. We are big fans of Morgan's personalized approach. My daughter both works hard during the lessons and enjoys them, and Morgan has guided her toward a work ethic and continued teaching new pitches, which keeps her active and engaged in the craft. I would highly recommend Morgan to anyone who enjoys pitching and is looking to take it to the next level.
    Andy Patti
  • I have nothing but great things to say about Morgan. She is kind, patient, stern when need be, and develops a real connection with the girls. Morgan has been working with my daughter for over a year now. When she first started, she could barely get the ball over the plate, but with Morgan's lessons she is now pitching at 40 feet, and she's fast. We have been approached by and referred to other pitching coaches since we have started with Morgan, but I wouldn't have my daughter go to anyone else. If you are looking for an awesome pitching coach, then contact Morgan!
    Desiree Perea
  • Morgan coached my daughter for over 2 years, and we love her. I was impressed with Morgan during our first meeting when she asked my daughter if anything physically bothered her when she pitched. Her back had bothered her during the summer, but I just assumed it was because she pitched too much. Morgan watched her pitch for a few minutes and made a simple recommendation. Sure enough, my daughter’s back has not bothered her since she made this slight modification. Morgan takes her time to watch my daughter’s motion and makes subtle changes so everything works very smoothly. She is very good at explaining concepts so my daughter and I can understand what she is supposed to do, and she is very careful to insure that the pitching mechanics are correct to prevent injuries. Morgan has also been instrumental in the mental aspect of pitching. Because Morgan was a pitcher, she understands how a pitcher thinks and incorporates the mental aspect of pitching into her workouts. She has taught my daughter how to take control of the mound and work through stressful at-bats. Now, she is physically and emotionally a very good pitcher, and I give much credit to Morgan for being consistent in her teaching. The reward is seeing her successfully pound the inside corner against a strong team and seeing the other coach flabbergasted that his players cannot hit. She is a very confident pitcher, and words cannot express how much gratitude I have that Morgan was able to coach her for 2 ½ years. Morgan thinks of the pitcher as an athlete and helped develop a conditioning program focused on pitchers. This program has strengthened her legs and core to help prevent injuries and pitch for a longer period of time. My daughter looks forward to pitching practice because she enjoys working with Morgan, and that in itself is a good thing. My daughter’s skill level drastically improved over the 2 years that Morgan coached her. My daughter has a great pitching motion, and we owe a lot to Morgan for teaching her how to fine tune her mechanics to lead her team to many victories.
    Cindy Meek
  • We want to thank Morgan for not only helping Danielle become a better pitcher but for the personal connection that she has made with our daughter. When we first came to Morgan 2 years ago, she carefully analyzed Danielle's pitching mechanics and identified a leaning issue that, once corrected, allowed her to put more speed on her fast ball with no strain on her arm. Danielle has made many strides to improve her pitching by not only refining pitches but learning and developing new pitches. Last year, she learned 3 new pitches which allow her to be one of the more deceptive pitchers on the field. Morgan is able to provide a fun atmosphere while still focusing on improving the pitcher's game. Morgan makes corrections and adjustments in a positive way, without the negative criticism like a lot of coaches tend to do when pitchers are missing spots or struggling. We appreciate that she gives explanations of why corrections are necessary so Danielle knows why she needs to do it and not just because Morgan says so. Lastly, Morgan has always focused on the health of her pitchers, and good technique has been a priority. It has never been only about throwing strikes or throwing hard, but about developing speed with correct mechanics that allow a good pitcher to have command of the strike zone. She has even gone the extra mile to develop a strength and conditioning program geared specifically towards pitchers and their health. This will help provide endurance and prevent common pitching injuries.
    Michelle Koontz
  • We first met Morgan several years ago when our daughter started playing varsity softball in middle school and had her in pitching lessons through her sophomore year of high school (when Morgan moved to West Virginia for graduate school). Our daughter played softball in high school, taking her team in to districts and the Central Massachusetts Finals. She also played travel and college softball. So much of her success we attribute to the core teaching from Morgan. Morgan has many strengths. Trustworthiness with impeccable character with a very, very strong work ethic. She knows the game as she has played from a young age through the college level. She knows different pitches, pitching styles, game strategy, and scenarios. She knows how to approach a batter looking for even the smallest indications of how to pitch to a certain opponent and in which circumstances a certain pitch would be the best choice. She is a person who looks at the whole of the game, and asks and trains her student to do the same. We believe, though, the strongest aspect of her instructions is her ability to pick and pull apart all of the mechanics, to identify the problem and find the cause, to emphasize the importance of the whole body, and to analyze even the smallest movement, grip, stance and follow through for success, which our daughter had.
    Ron and Mary Vancelette