Virtual Lessons

If you are interested in being trained by High Heat but are not in the area or cannot meet with us, send us your video. We’ll provide personalized recommendations based on what we see.

How it Works

 Capturing multiple repetitions helps us identify tendencies or patterns in the pitcher's mechanics that can disrupt consistency and speed and that inhibit endurance. We carefully study pitches frame by frame, assess the mechanics, describe any disruptions or inhibitors, and outline strategies and tools for improvement.

  1. We will review all video frames to understand your unique tendencies and patterns.
  2. We will write a detailed analysis of your motion. 
  3. We will summarize your motion’s strengths and recommend an individualized practice plan to improve your motion. 
  4. Send us as many video submissions as you want while you work through our corrections.
  5. We will review your video and provide our analysis within 5-7 days.

Capturing Your Video

The videos that allow us to perform the best analysis capture at least 20 repetitions of each pitch from at least the following 2 angles. Let us know if you experience any pain during your motion or if you’ve had an injury that could impact your performance.

Video capture of pitcher from the side

Beside the pitcher

On the pitcher’s the throwing side, allowing us to see the entire motion

Video capture of pitcher from the side

Behind the pitcher

Behind the pitcher’s throwing shoulder, allowing us to see another angle of the entire motion plus the location of that pitch