High Heat offers private and group pitching lessons to players of all ages and ability levels. All lessons are customized to each player or group’s unique ability, physicality, experience, and goals.  If you are interested in family pricing or have any questions about lessons, contact us

If you are wondering about any of these questions, we can help you!

  • Why can’t I hit a particular location?
  • Why do I tend to throw more of my pitches to the inside or outside?
  • How do I throw a changeup? Or drop? Curve? Rise? Screw?
  • How do I get more movement on my pitches?
  • How do I get faster?
  • How do I pitch more innings in a weekend?
  • How do I learn what pitches to throw in a particular situation and to a particular hitter?
  • How do I learn to recover (mentally and physically) after a bad inning or bad game?

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Lesson Components

To help our players maximize their athletic development, our lessons incorporate some or all of the following components, depending on the player’s level, goals, and progress:  

Proper stretching and warmups to incrementally and progressively loosen the throwing muscles

Strategic drills to introduce new mechanics and correct weaker mechanics

Focus on precise mechanics throughout all drills and exercises to promote safety and injury prevention

Power development to improve strength, speed, and endurance

Player specific methods to teach new movements and techniques

Position-specific conditioning to enhance balance, coordination, and core strength and to promote overall health and longevity   

Lesson Policies

  • Please bring a teammate, parent, or friend to your lessons to catch for you.
  • Lesson packages must be prepaid.
  • If you sign up for a group or clinic lesson package and cannot attend a particular session, the cost of that lesson is nonrefundable. If you want to make up a session that you missed, you can schedule a separate private lesson.
  • If you will be late to a lesson, let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you and to give you a full lesson.
  • If you need to cancel a lesson, let us know in advance. Late cancellations may result in a lost lesson and/or required compensation.
  • If you schedule and do not attend a lesson and do not notify us, you will be charged the cost of the lesson.