High Heat is a fastpitch softball pitching academy in Creedmoor, North Carolina that offers private and group lessons to players of all ages and ability levels.

Learn mechanics

Gain speed

Increase command

Build endurance

Develop confidence

Improve movement

Apply strategy

Expand repertoire

  • “We're in the middle of a TABU tournament, and Kaylee has struck out 19 of 24 batters so far!”
    — Sondra N.
  • “Lorelai pitched a perfect game this weekend!”
    — Desiree Perea
  • “I don’t know what you did, but Danielle’s new motion is awesome! She’s got more speed, and she’s hitting all her spots. She looks great!”
    — Michelle Koontz
  • “Finally we found someone who can help us. Cindy and Howard rave about your pitching lessons, and Nikka has improved tremendously since starting with you. I wish we found you years ago!”
    — Rick Piazza
  • “This weekend, we won the NSA Virginia State Championship. Nelda and Odicci did great, and Nelda was the MVP of the tournament.”
    — David Brankley
  • “I am thankful that you were so persistent with good mechanics. If it weren't for you, Danielle never could have pitched 37 innings in 2 days. She was the winning pitcher in the championship game, and our Cupertino Inferno is the #1 team in Northern California. We are on our way to Western Nationals!”
    — Michelle Koontz
  • “Maddie won the tournament’s pitching MVP!”
    — Debbie Gallagher
  • “This weekend, four of the teams whose pitchers you coach won tournament championships, two of the teams going undefeated.”
    — Robert Gomez
  • “Nelda pitched her last game for me in South Carolina against a real good team from Texas - a 1-0 win and a perfect game!”
    — David Brankley
  • “You would have been proud of Katlyn last night in her first All Star game! She pitched a no-hitter!”
    — Sheila Shanklin
  • “These girls all look up to you and respect you. I've learned a lot from watching you and how you relate to the girls. You are a great leader who is very passionate about the sport. That is very hard to find.”
    — Jah Bennett, Owner, Bennett Fit
  • “Kaylene pitched great last night—3 shutout innings and then 2 more of international tie-breaker. Best 5-inning block I've seen her do.”
    — Andy Patti
  • “Nelda made more progress in these first 2 lessons with you than she did all last fall.”
    — Alan Bagley
  • “The day after our first lesson, Devin pitched one inning. She threw 10 pitches, 9 of them strikes, and struck out the side.”
    — Keith Gregory
  • “Kaylee did a phenomenal job, striking out the best hitter in the division, staying focused, and taking care of business. Your coaching has Kaylee's skills and confidence in a great place!”
    — Sondra N.
  • “Morgan is the best pitching coach I've ever had.”
    — Madison Gallagher
  • “We won the ASA tournament and went 6-0, with Nelda and Odicci combining for 4 shutouts. Thanks for all you do for the girls!”
    — David Brankley
  • “Danielle pitched 2 scoreless innings and faced 6 batters in a tough part of the order. She kept them off balance with her changeup and struck out 3 of their best hitters, one on 3 straight drops. She's increased her speed too. I've seen a lot of improvements of late with her pitching and control.”
    — Michelle Koontz
  • “I love the changes you made. Brittany’s fastball is spinning very fast, and she hurt my hand on a couple of pitches. The changes are also helping her accuracy and changeup. Too bad it was not a game day!”
    — Cindy Meek
  • “Madison and Vanessa kept the other teams off balance with their off-speed and breaking pitches, and even though they had huge power hitters, they couldn't respond to their movement and changes in speed.”
    — Greg Parish
  • “Danielle pitched awesome, throwing 30-40% drops that were really effective. The other teams kept swinging and missing or hitting ground balls.”
    — Cindy Meek
  • “If only you could have seen her pitch on Saturday! She was a gem! She pitched 5 innings straight! I think it finally clicked for her.”
    — Mia Parish
  • “We were practicing for the tryouts yesterday, and Meg was hitting all pitches at all locations!”
    — Ray Perron
  • “I haven’t seen a pitcher with better mechanics than Brittany’s.”
    — Howard Prock
  • “When you moved, we interviewed with a new pitching coach. After watching Vanessa pitch and asking about her pitches and the power line, he said that you're one of the best coaches he's ever seen.”
    — Veronica Ramos
  • “I wish you the best because you are. You have been a great instructor and mentor to Meg and me.”
    — Ray Perron
  • “I hope you know how very much we appreciate you, your coaching style, and the role model you are for Kaylee. She hit the mound yesterday with this quiet confidence that was so amazing to watch. It reminded me of you.”
    — Sondra N.
  • “Thank you so much for all you have done to help Madison with her pitching. She has learned so much from you.”
    — Debbie Gallagher
  • “You mean a lot to Danielle. You are a wonderful role model and an amazing coach and mentor. We would recommend you to any parent.”
    — Michelle Koontz
  • “I have no idea what we're going to do without you! Kaylee has benefited SO much from her relationship with you. You as a role model and your coaching have enabled her to blossom.”
    — Sondra N.
  • “Thank God we found you! You are so good for Vanessa!”
    — Veronica Ramos
  • “Jamie pitched 2 innings and did GREAT! Her old All Star coach was watching from across the field and wondering who ‘that pitcher’ was. She got closer and said ‘Oh my Gosh, that's Jamie. Where did that arm come from?’ My response, ‘Her name is Morgan!”
    — Judy P.
  • “One of the coaches evaluating the girls was pointing out how good the girl in pink was (Micheala)! Another coach said, ‘Yeah, she's theirs!’ Buttons popping off all over the place!”
    — Shani Perry